How to Use Ina

Ina Lelo demo – The Ideal Way to Utilize this Amazing Toy
Lelo has a large number of sex toys and accessories under their brand name and these are very much popular among users for the high quality and finish they are provided with. However, none of the toys provided by Lelo had gained so much hype as Lela Ina. It is considered to be an incredible rabbit vibrator which reduces the work of a clitoral vibrator and an internal stimulator. Most of the stores which sell Ina will offer you video on how to use Lelo Ina with the Ina Lelo demo. This will help you in getting the best out of this amazing sex toy.

Most loved features of Ina

The Ina is very durable and made with high quality silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non porous and antibacterial. This will remove all your fears about infection and you can peacefully use it to give you the best sexual stimulating time of your life. It also gives a very smooth and silky feel to the body. It has a dual action vibrating function to reach the most stimulating part of a woman, the g-spot. Ina also has eight vibrating mode and you can use them to intensify or lower the intensity accordingly. Due to its slight vibrating sounds, you can use it discretely without any one in the next room becoming aware of it. The way it is packaged is also one of its best features. It comes in a black cardboard box and when you open it, you will find Ina secure in a small satin pouch alone with the battery charger, an instruction manual and the warranty card. Of course, the best feature has to be the battery charger; you can avoid the hassle of changing batteries for each charge. The manual is about Ina Lelo demo and tells you how to use Lelo Ina.

The workings of Ina

The Ina consists of two different motors, one each for the shaft and the clitoral stimulator. Due to the dual motors, the pulsations and the vibrations keep up their intensity. The eight different modes in the Ina include steady shaft stimulation only, speedy pulses that alternates between motors, steady clitoral stimulation, constant stimulation of clitoris and shaft, quick synchronized pulses in the clitoris and shaft stimulator, slow stimulator in the shaft and after that clitoral stimulator, random pattern of vibrations in the clitoral and shaft that cycle back after a period and slow stimulation in the shaft with quick pulsation in the clitoral stimulator. You can also trigger the power along with the vibrations on touching the four buttons on the face of the base.

How to use Ina

Though Ina is made of plastic, the insertion part and the clitoral stimulator is covered with colored silicone, which can be purple, lime or orange. Ina is firm with a curved which rubs the g-spot in an exhilarating way to bring in waves of orgasms. The clitoral attachment is also firm but the part where it attaches to the shaft is very flexible to make it move away from the shaft to touch your anatomy. After the first few attempts, you will find it easier to make the clitoral stimulator work alongside your vulva and putting the same amount of pressure against your clitoris and the area around it to provide the most amazing feeling of sexual satisfaction.
All of these features, including the Lelo Ina demo which provides the best tips on how to use Ina, will surely convince people of the quality and power contained in this small sex toy. Ina has been known to provide the users with some of the best sensations ever felt before. Ina is undoubtedly the best sex toy buy one can hope to acquire.