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Luxury Meets Pleasure at Ina by LELO

  • Made from high grade silicon
  • Last for a massive 4 hours with only 2 hours of charging
  • Eight stimulation modes from soft flutter to intense pulsation
  • Sensually flowing form all-round clitoral and g-spot stimulation
  • Dual vibrator arrangement synchronized for enticing possibilities

Ina is the first rabbit style vibrator by LELO

Dual motors in the shaft and in the clitoral nub, A unique dual motor design puts LELO Ina light years ahead of the “competition.” There is one motor in Ina’s shaft and one in the clitoral stimulating nub which work independently or cooperatively to give intense orgasms.

Ina Includes

  • an ergonomic design
  • easy to use 4 button design
  • 2 independently vibrating motors
  • a rechargeable ion battery
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • silk storage sleeve included

Ina the LELO Rabbit Vibrator

Lelo Ina Dual Vibrator – Offering the Most Satisfying Orgasm Ever
For the women who need full satisfaction, there is nothing more fulfilling than Lelo Ina dual vibrator. Lelo has come up with one more item to provide the ultimate pleasure and peace of mind to women. The Ina rabbit vibrator offers dual pleasure and manages to reach the most erogenous area of a woman, giving her the ultimate sexual gratification. Though Lelo has a vast selection of sex toys, no other item has created so much hype among women as this dual vibrator. She is very unique too; many women have compared it to the other dual vibrators in the market and found it to be far more erotic than any of the others. She inserts the right kind of pressure to take each woman to the heights of orgasm, which has never been experienced by them before.

Working Style of this dual vibrator

The Ina rabbit vibrator, the sleek dual action sex toy offers maximum intensity with the least fuss through finely tuned and design which is very body oriented. Consisting of eight variable modes for stimulation, she offers a unique pleasure providing sensation, which is just awesome. This is possible because of the two different motors, which is found in each of the stimulation points. The circular mode of Lelo Ina dual vibrator enhances the intensity of a certain sensual area, while the vibration level is limited to another sensual spot. Transmitting pleasure alternatively to produce a feeling of movement inside and offering provocation to her user, this dynamic vibrator then takes her user to longest and the most powerful orgasm again and again.

Is it safe to use Ina rabbit vibrator?

The Lelo Ina rabbit vibrator is as safe as all the other items made by this company. It is FDA approved and created with PC-ABS silicone which is phthalate free too. You can easily control the speed and intensity if you so wish to. This can be done by the interface dial. These functions can be locked to offer more privacy. Ina vibrator comes with a one year warranty and works for four hours with just a two hour charge to satisfy you in a silent way. Added to the great features the Ina rabbit vibrator is packaged in a classy gift box with a rich satin pouch to store it and the charger, along with the manual and warranty card.

Reviews about Ina rabbit vibrator

Needless to say that any sex toys produced by Lelo create quite a stir, the rabbit vibrator has become very popular among women in quite a short period. The women have loved the dual action provided by the Ina rabbit vibrator. They claim that the orgasm they experienced through her is better than even the real one! The intense power and vibration produced by this vibrator, has been found to be one of a kind, which is why more and more ladies are falling in love with her. Its packaging style and the vibrant colors have also been highly appreciated by those who have bought this sophisticated sex toy. Women, who have purchased various vibrators, find Leno rabbit vibrators completely different from the others with its firm and curved shaft. The firm and curved shaft stimulates the g-spot in women in a fantastic way to create waves of orgasms. The rechargeable factor is also a plus point with this innovative sex toy. There is no need to change batteries every time the power reduces. The removable plastic plug at the bottom of the vibrator can be plugged to the charger and to the electric outlet on the wall. The other good part about Lelo Ina rabbit vibrator is the affordable price it comes with and the vibrant colors it is presented in.