LELO Ina Review

Lelo Ina Dual Vibrator – Offering the Most Satisfying Orgasm Ever
Since Lelo is one of the most popular manufacturers of high quality sex toys today, it is not surprising that this company has created one of the most popular sex toy yet, the Ina. According to the Lelo Ina review, this dual rabbit vibrator has become the favorite sex toy among women, who have purchased it. Most of Lelo’s sex toys have their own unique charm and design, high quality silicone finish and rechargeable batteries. They have a classy feel and look that no other sex toys have managed to portray so far. Those who are big fans of this brand have found Ina worth every penny paid for it.

Ina’s striking features

The Lelo Ina review finds the overall quality, workmanship and the effectiveness of this dual rabbit vibrator most satisfying. The three available colors these are available in are purple, lime and orange are thoroughly stunning, as is the classy black case it is presented in. There is also a black satin couch to hold Ina safely, along with a charger, a manual and a 10 year guarantee for its quality. The manual consists of a set of a set of instructions on the ways to use and care for it. You should ideally, make sure to register to take care of the warranty period.

How to begin using Ina

The Ina rabbit vibrator cannot be used as soon as you buy it. The Lelo Ina review has specifically stated that it has to be charged for 2 hours, after which time you can start using to give you the ultimate feeling of satisfaction. The 2 hour charge lasts you for about 4 hours, which also depends on the speed of the intensity. Most women prefer a medium to high setting while using Ina and most of them claim that, it lasts them for 3-3 1/2 hours. One of the relieving factors is that, you will not have to keep changing batteries for every charge, since the battery in this is conveniently rechargeable. Getting started after charging is easy. You just have to press all the four buttons on it for a few seconds till the LED light comes on. This is because the toy will in a locked position when you get it. Whenever you are not using it, make sure to lock it by pressing down on all the four buttons again, especially, while travelling with it.

What women like best about Ina

Ina’s silken and smooth quality silicone finish has received rave Lelo Ina review from each of its users. It has been appreciated all the more because of its hypoallergenic, non porous and anti bacterial properties. The women have found shaft’s girth and curve a lot more stimulating than any other vibrators that they have used. They cannot praise the bulbous tip enough, as it focuses on their g-spot perfectly.

How to Clean LELO Ina

Ina can also be cleaned very easily with an unscented liquid soap, however, to make your Lelo rabbit vibrator last you for a long time, you should ideally, use specific sex toy cleaning solutions. According to Lela Ina review, the sex toy cleaners are very effective in cleaning them. These cleaning solutions help in removing any body odor perfectly. They also have antibacterial effects and do not contain any perfume or alcohol. These are tested by dermatologist and are available in the form of spray pumps to make it last for long.


There is no doubt that Ina is a phenomenal success among women, though there may be slight difference of opinion among some women. However, overall Ina has received lots of positive feedback and you will find most women having a great time with this innovative rabbit vibrator from Lelo.