Ina vs Soraya

Ina vs Soraya – The Same Result can be Obtained from Both These Rabbit Vibrators
People are finding it extremely difficult to decide among both the quality designed rabbit vibrators from Lelo. Lelo Soraya was launched late last year and since then, the question about Ina vs Soraya has been doing the rounds. Soraya the much talked about rabbit vibrator from Lelo has gained a lot of popularity too like Ina. Both are high quality and powerful vibrators which offer the most thrilling pleasure to the users. Both have some similarities and differences, after viewing them, you can decide on the best one for you. After all, both are from the same manufacturer, so it is understood that they are guaranteed products and will prove their worth.

The similarity between the two

  • · Both Ina and Soraya are rechargeable rabbit vibrators and offer up to four hours of vibrating excitement after two hours of charging.
  • · Both weigh the same and have sleek and dual action or rabbit vibrators, which stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time. It can also be used to stimulate both individually. This is the most popular feature in both of them.
  • · Ina and Soraya are made of high quality plastic and silicone which is phthalate free, making it safe to use. It is non porous, non bacteria and hypoallergenic.
  • · There are eight levels of vibrations in each of them and you can control the level of intensity by pressing on the needed buttons. There are modes to stimulate both the shaft and clit or each individually, other than six other ways.
  • · Both contain lockable interfaces so that travelling with these items will be easier, as you can store them without any problem in your bag or luggage. The lock will prevent it vibrating at any moments. These help in saving charges too, so you can use it whenever you need to.
  • · The packaging of both Ina and Soraya are fabulous. They come in chic black gift boxes and the vibrators are placed in satin pouches, with a 10 year limited warranty, a charger, a instruction manual and a 1 year warranty.
  • · And of course, both have excellent and powerful motors and the best part is that it only produces a whisper while working powerfully.

Now for Ina vs Soraya differences

  • · Other than their exceptional looks, Soraya is 100% waterproof and rechargeable.
  • · Soraya is slightly larger in frame though both are of similar sizes
  • · Though all of Lelo’s vibrators have interface, Soraya consists of the new three seamless button interfaces. This helps users to move easily through the various vibrating modes. Ina has 4 vibrating modes and users have to be careful not to wet it, as it will damage the motors within.
  • · Ina’s external end is inflexible and some users get a pinching sensation on their clitoris due to this. While Soraya has a more flexible external end and the user can bend, twist and even control the pressure on the clitoris, bringing about more pleasure than pain.
  • · The best feature in Ina is the circular mode it consists of. During this mode of stimulation, one area gets increased intensity while the level of vibration can be controlled in some other area. Pleasure is transferred in alternate ways and helps in bringing about the longest vibrations ever.


To conclude, it has to be said that, other than these few differences, both Ina and Soraya are the most superb rabbit vibrators from Lelo and among the best in the market. Both perform powerfully and offer the most delicious pleasure to the users. Those who enjoy using it during their bathing time should ideally opt for Soraya, due to its waterproof feature. For the circular mode vibration, none can beat Ina in producing mind blowing sensations.